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Misting Systems

About Misting Systems:

Misting systems have been used in outdoor cooling applications for decades. These systems can provide outdoor cooling reducing temperatures by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit with virtually no noticeable increase in the relative humidity. Applications include restaurants, theme parks, hotels and resorts, arenas, tennis courts, golf facilities, fountains, waterfalls, patios, and more.

At 1000 PSI, water droplets as small as 5 microns (5 millionths of a meter) in diameter can be produced. At this level, ‘flash evaporation‘ occurs reducing the ambient temperature. This process of ‘Thermal Dynamics’, is effective because water requires energy (600 calories of heat to evaporate 1 gram of water) to evaporate. This energy exchange results outdoor cooling, or reduced temperatures.

Residential Mist Systems

Misting systems provided families with a superior way to beat the heat and take back their ability to enjoy the outdoors! Perhaps, you have kids who love to spend time in the backyard or a pet who likes to play outside. Whether big homes or small, Arizona Mist Systems can give you the ability to enjoy summer swimming, a backyard BBQ or even dinner on the patio.

Commercial Mist Systems

If your business offers outside dining or lounging, you know the importance of keeping your customers and employees comfortable. A misting system can do just that!

For those who work in hot and dry outdoor working environments, a misting system can increase productivity and even boost employee morale!

With misters, spending time outside is a breeze. Quality misting systems from Arizona Misting Systems can refine the water into such a fine particle that it evaporates almost instantaneously, keeping you and your customers cool and dry!

Common applications:
• Restaurants
• Resorts
• Shopping Centers
• Bars
• Lounges
• Office Patios/Balconies
• Golf Courses
• Outdoor Employee Smoking Areas
• And More!

Misting systems are also great for plants and animals too…
• Dog runs
• Barns
• Corrals
• Farms
• Hen Houses
• Greenhouses
• Gardens
• And More!

Other Benefits:
• Odor & Dust control- (waste and recycling plants, mining areas etc.)

We will be glad to work with you for any special effects or unique cooling application needs you may have.

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